Start playing with music.
Find your own style.

This studio is always ready. The instruments are primed for action. The rhythm is rock solid. Music Maker Jam goes on and the party takes off!

From hip hop to drum and bass: Combine loops from various styles, create melodies and add effects.

The app comes with four free music styles. Three of these are your choice and can be exchanged once a month.

Great ideas – Big impact.
Make music one of your hobbies.

Start it.

You step onto the stage. The crowd goes wild. Your equipment: 4 free music styles (freely expandable) and more than 1000 loops & sounds.

Mix it.

Fill the 8 track mixer with loops and create multiple sound tracks to complete songs. Live edit and link tracks to export complete songs.

Feel it.

Beat matching is included; you can change tempo, instruments, and melodies (Step Sequencer) without ever losing the beat.

Change it.

Encore! Encore! Encore! Apply sound filters using the realtime effects board and tilting your device.

Shake it.

Reeeeeeeeemix: Shake your tablet or smartphone to randomly choose new loops and create a remix of your original song.

Share it.

Live record your tracks and share them with friends or amp up your game and export them through Windows 8 to Music Maker 2014.

The world of music in your hand. Exchange three styles every month.

Choose your planet.
Music Maker Jam for smartphone,
tablet or desktop PC.

Music Maker 2014 Premium

Step up your game.
Get yourself a copy of Music Maker 2014.