A dream team:
Music Maker Jam & Music Maker 2015

Unlock your musical imagination, Music Maker is the perfect introduction to the world of music production. The duo features a range of functions that are usually found only in professional music software.

Music Maker Jam

Always on the move? Music Maker Jam is with you wherever you go! Combine loops from different music styles with minimal effort to produce your own tracks on iOS, Android or Windows 8.

Music Maker 2015

This studio environment is filled with thousands of loops, samples, virtual instruments, and professional effects.  Are you ready to take it to the next level?  Grab the Mic!

Every music star's dream:
140 awards** and great
press reviews

ComputerActive (April 2013)

"Excellent Choice for home-recording enthusiasts with plenty of samples and high-quality instruments.1

Micro Mart (Issue 1235)

"Editors Choice"; "9 out of 10"; "Now combined with the Music Studio, Music Maker is an exceptional package for the money."1

TopTenREVIEWS.com (April 2012)

"9.88/10; Even if you only know the basics, you can do some really fun stuff with this software. It's not just for beginners though. The tutorials, intuitive interface and user guide can help you become an expert (...)."2

PC Utilities (Issue 148)

"An easy-to-use music creation suite with plenty of added extras to keep you coming back for more."2

These press comments refer to the previous versions MAGIX Music Maker 20131 and MAGIX Music Maker MX2.